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Tendring Agility Group was formed about 20 years ago as an offshoot of Clacton and District Dog Training Club (CDDTC). Some of the members thought it would be fun to try Agility and, after much hammering and sawing, the basic equipment was produced and put into use on Sunday afternoons on a friendly farmer's field. Interest grew and eventually we moved to the Wix Equestrian Centre where we remain to this day.

Wix Equestrian Centre can be found about 400m from Wix crossroads towards Stones Green. We are lucky enough to have an indoor facility so we can practice all year. Classes, which are progressive, are from 7:00pm to 9:00pm every Thursday evening and cater for beginners up to competition standard.

We take part in some fun shows and do a 'have a go' ring which members can take part in. If you are interested please look on our events page or the events board which is displayed ever Thursday at training and take a look through our photos from previous shows. 

We have a wide range of dogs and welcome all breeds so please come along, have a look, take part and have fun!

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The Equipment

The A-Frame

A wide two sided hinged ram with a colour coded 'touch pads' at each side 
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Image titleThe Dogwalk

A thin longer walk with ramps at each end, each ramp also has a 'touch pad'

The Seesaw 

A thin board which tips, each dog must learn its own tipping point
and hold with a touch pad on either side for safety

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The Tunnel 

A tunnel that can be moved into different positions and can start clear to allow more light to pass through while training.

Advanced - The Collapsed Tunnel

A tunnel that has a framed start and material that falls down at the end

The Jump 

A jump that can be set for different size dogs: small, medium and large 

each dog can  be measured to know the correct size of the jump however if your dog prefers a smaller jump we are happy to accomodate. 

At shows we have a different type of jump poles to include our bone jump.

The Long Jump

A staged jump that incourages the dog to jump low but longer

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Image titleThe Tire 

A suspended tire that can be moved to suit the hight of the dog
The Weaves

A set of poles that the dog has to weave through always starting on the left shoulder

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