Tendring Agility Group


Tendring Agility Group was formed about 20 years ago as an offshoot of Clacton and District Dog Training Club (CDDTC). Some of the members thought it would be fun to try Agility and, after much hammering and sawing, the basic equipment was produced and put into use on Sunday afternoons on a friendly farmer's field. Interest grew and eventually we moved to the Wix Equestrian Centre where we remain to this day.

Wix Equestrian Centre can be found about 400m from Wix crossroads towards Stones Green. We are lucky enough to have an indoor facility so we can practice all year. Classes, which are progressive, are from 7:00pm to 9:00pm every Thursday evening and cater for beginners up to competition standard.

We take part in some fun shows and do a 'have a go' ring which members can take part in. If you are interested please look on our events page or the events board which is displayed ever Thursday at training and take a look through our photos from previous shows.

We have a wide range of dogs and welcome all breeds so please come along, have a look, take part and have fun!


Beginners’ classes start on the first Thursday of every OTHER month and last for 8 weeks. We start with small jumps and a flat dog walk in the first week but your dog will surprise you with how fast they pick it up.

  • Starting on smaller jumps on lead to build up confidence
  • Clear tunnels to help at the first stages
  • and the dogwalk on the ground to teach safely
  • Quickly building up to our display standard
  • You will be shocked to how quick your dog picks it up!


Please Note! As places in the Beginners Class are limited, you will need to pre book by coming along and registering prior to starting. A small deposit is required to secure a place.


We are located at the Wix Equestrian Centre, please click on our find us page to find our address.

At Wix Equestrian Center we have a large indoor space that is enclosed so your dogs are safe to practice off lead when they are ready to, there is a viewing area where you can bring friends, family and anyone interested in dog agility to come and watch.

You can get Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks and Sweets from the Cafe from 7:00pm to approx 8:15pm which also has a seating with tables and viewing windows into the practice area, we also have bathrooms and a car park.


The A-Frame

A wide two sided hinged ram with a colour coded touch pad at each side - it's a high clime for little Pepe.

See-saw - large

All dogs have to find their tipping point, even large dogs like Barney.

The Dog walk

A thing long walk with ramps at each end - each ramp lso has a touch pad. Seth's enjoying high view point.

The Tunnel

A tunnel that can be moved into different positions - Angel making a speedy exit.

The Tyre

A suspended tyre that can be moved to suit the height of the dog - Maisy makes it look easy!

The Jump

Bone jump - only seen at displays to promote the club. Here's Tupps, hovering over!

The Weaves

A set of poles that the dog has to weave through, always starting on the left shoulder. Here's Altaïr being guided throughby the power of sausages!

The See-saw - small

Small dogs have to walk further to make the see-saw tip - this takes some getting used to, but doesn't phase Daisy.

The Walk - double

Double running, just for shows - Molly and Rags playing 'follow the leader'.

The Jump - double

The jump can also be done by doubles during events, shown off here by Jacey and Emma.